While framing the topic, always be particular about the research ideas and also about the university and professional background. The topic should be new which means it should be previously attempted.

IPS Thesis Services takes full responsibility of the consulting service offered and hence if the topic or proposal is rejected, we provide an additional set of topics after understanding the reason of refusal.

Ours Professionals prefer to do the proofreading manually because we can’t rely on the software. However, if you want us to use the tools, we will use the software.

Generally length of PhD thesis varies from 100-150 pages, however it could go till 200-250 pages according to the specialization.

Our writers shall write all chapters originally and there shall be no plagiarism, however, due to some match of technical words, phrases of definitions, we guarantee less than 10% plagiarism.

Our Professional with the best information of your research topic, field and area will be writing the research methodology for your research.

There are no particular data analysis techniques; it will be decided according to the data collected and the hypothesis.

Yes, our expert will write as per the journal standards and requirements as laid out in their novelist guidelines.

Yes, you can share your ideas with our expert any time. Our team offers the service of whenever you required.

If your doctoral research gets rejected, you can come to us anytime and our qualified experts will work on it. You will be well prepared for another shot and the improvements will be made in your thesis.